Premium Cedar


Our natural cedar posts come in 8′ and 12′ standard lengths, or we can source custom lengths on request. Posts come peeled in various widths from 3″ to 10″, and we also have equipment on site to add pencil tips to posts for easy fencing. Delivered in bundles to your location in Ontario – call us for details.


We have a large supply of 2" x 8' long garden/grape stakes in stock. Perfect for plant growing at vineyards or produce farms and can be delivered to your location in Ontario or into the U.S.



Hardwood Chips

Our natural hardwood chips are made from the by-product of local lumber mills — never using treated lumber in the process. Chips are great for coverage on walkways, paths, play yards and woodland areas, and can be good fill in raised garden beds. Compared to cedar, pine or hardwood mulch, it is not as effective or beneficial for your garden plants.

Special request products

Logs, Lumber & Cedar Rails

Depending on the available supply, we can occasionally fulfill orders for logs, lumber and cedar rails. We do not sell cut firewood, but can sell logs by the truck load that you can cut yourself. Any special request product can be delivered, give us a call for pricing.