Why Use Pine Mulch?

pine mulch in garden

Pine bark mulch is a lightweight, deep coloured mulch ideal for plants that like an acidic environment. Acidic mulch will lower the pH of your soil over the course of several years and use up nitrogen that helps small plants grow. Deep rooted plants like trees and shrubs are less likely to be effected by surface soil so pine is often used around these plants. Research your plant’s needs before using pine mulch, or plan to replace pine mulch every two years with a cedar or hardwood to balance out the soil.

Unlike cedar mulch, its reddish-brown colour stays true for several years and doesn’t compact over time, making it a low maintenance choice. As with all mulch varieties, it protects soil from heat and cold, retains moisture, and helps prevent weeds in your gardens.

Because pine mulch is lightweight and buoyant, it’s not suitable for slopes or areas prone to flooding and wind, but because of its weight it can be easier to spread around your garden. 

Hayes Timber’s shredded red pine is made only from pine bark, unlike some mixed pine mulches that contain other tree pieces. The shredded material is heavier than pine chips and less likely to wash away in heavy rain.

Mulching tips:

  • Use a thick enough layer to block out the sun — we suggest at least three inches of mulch in an even layer
  • Always create a space between a tree trunk or shrub. Don’t push mulch into the base of a tree or it will hold moisture and encourage rot.
  • Fluff your mulch once a month to maintain a consistent colour and allow moisture to reach the soil.
  • Consider replenishing your mulch after a season or two.
  • To control weeds even further, spray a weed treatment or apply a garden mesh to the area before you lay down your mulch.